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Welcome to Our Prestigious Department

Department of English Language Education is part of the future leading departments in University of Darussalam Gontor. Here we always provide the students with several activities to support the enhancement of their skills and knowledge.

We Provide the Best Environment to Improve English Skill

With Pesantren-Based System in this University, the Environment is excellent to support the improvement of English skills, because here we have the discipline to communicate between students and lecturers with foreign language especially English and Arabic.


The most important element to create a better life is education. Hence it is the pleasure of the Department of English Language Education to provide all the students with methods and strategies to become great teachers or lecturers of English education.
A researcher always aims to explore and to expand the limit of knowledge. The alumni of the Department of English Language Education have big opportunities to research on the most popular and inspiring knowledge in the world.
With the global revolution of 4.0 today, the use of translation or interpretation gains so much demand from all around the world, especially on English. Here we create an opportunity for the students to become most trusted and skilled translator or interpreter with great attitude and noble characters in the future.
An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a chance for those who eager to full fill their dream. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business/or procedures. Therefore, we wish the alumni to become entrepreneur with English language expertise.

Why You Should Join Us

Our department has the excellence things prepared for all students. Here you will find:

Nurrahma Sutisna Putri, M.Pd.

Don't stop at your first step even when you step on the thorns. Just keep moving and going.



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